An extra weight plate lifts when the handset is picked up.

If you are finding that an extra weight plate is lifting and becoming dislodged from the remaining weight stack when the handset is lifted then follow these steps.

  1. Be sure to lift the dumbbell vertically when removing it from the cradle. If the dumbbell is pulled out at an angle, it may drag against un-selected weight plates.
  2. If the problem still occurs, it's likely the cradle end plate is too tight. Loosen the four bolts (3) beneath the cradle at one end. The four holes are slotted for the purpose of adjusting the cradle length.

  3. With the cradle end loose, place the fully loaded dumbbell in and out of the cradle several times. It will self-adjust to the proper setting. Tighten the four bolts. To test, select 35 lbs and lift the dumbbell out quickly and see if the rest of the plates remain in place without "sticking”.


  4. Check the surfaces between weight plates to make sure they are clean and free of debris.
  5. The weight plates should slide together easily with little resistance.
TIP: Also check the tabs on the weight plates to ensure they are not bent or broken from accidental misuse. If so, replace any damaged weight plates.
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