Replacing the selector shaft

  1. Adjust both weight selector dials to “1” and set the handset on its end.
  2. Remove the fixed weight plate (read instructions).


  3. Remove side pin located underneath jack-shaft



  4. Pull the jackshaft downward, and try to keep the upper gear engaged with the lower shaft gear - this will preserve the clocking of the system.
  5. Once the jackshaft is removed, roll the lower gear to the side, just enough to pull the selector shaft out.
    NOTE: If done carefully, once the selector shaft is replaced and pushed all the way in (to the “1" position) you can roll the gear back into perfect mesh with the selector shaft. Both jack shaft gears should then have the keyway aligned to insert the jack shaft and replace the side pin.
  6. Get the new selector shaft and drop all the way into position.
  7. Carefully roll the lower gear back into mesh with the selector shaft.
  8. You will notice there is a keyway on the jackshaft, which aligns with the key interlock on the lower gear. Replace the jackshaft while slightly rotating to find the alignment.
  9. Once aligned push the jackshaft all the way upward until it aligns with upper gear. Push all the way through and replace the side pin.
  10. Replace the fixed weight plate (read instructions).
  11. Check to ensure the selector shaft is slightly recessed into the fixed weight plate and the weight selector dials are set to “1".
    NOTE: Always depress the weight selector dial to lock the weight selection prior to lifting/moving.
    NOTE:If the "1" on the decal does not align with the "1" position on the handset it is recommended to peel decal off and carefully line up with the mark and reapply the decal.

For further assistance, download the MX55 exploded drawing below.



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