Replacing the fixed weight plate

  1. Start by removing all selectable weight plates from the handset, so that only the fixed weight plate remains.
  2. Place the handset on its end.
  3. Remove the (4) screws that fasten the fixed weight plate to the housing.
    NOTE: upper screws and lower screws are different lengths.


  4. Lift the weight plate to remove from handset housing.
  5. Replace with your new fixed weight plate, and re-insert screws.
    NOTE: short screws are on bottom, longer screws on top.
  6. Begin turning the screw counter clockwise until a subtle click is felt - this will align the self-threading screw with the existing threads. Then, rotate the screw clockwise and turn until snug. Repeat with all (4) screws.

For further assistance, download the MX55 exploded drawing below.

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